The voters of Onslow County deserve a choice. We want elected officials in Raleigh that represent us. All of us. Onslow County is growing - our innovation and progress should rise to meet it. I have a particular focus on those who have been underserved including, but not limited to:

• The average taxpayer that has been left behind in favor of corporations/big businesses

• Our students and educational system

• Communities that have been marginalized

• The poor and working poor

• Disabled people

Education - Strong Public Schools

• Improve our educational standing

Numbers vary depending on which study you read, but overall, North Carolina continues to rank below national average in per-pupil spending and teacher pay. At the same time, our population is expanding.

• Return instructional aides (teacher assistants) to the classroom.

Improve student-teacher ratio (hands on instructional time with students) while potentially decreasing the need for portable classrooms / new construction.

• School repair / improvements.

Prevent school loss/damage from storms by repairing roofs, etc. before devastating impacts and closures occur.

Prepare for further student population growth.

Growth creates challenge and endless possibilities. People move to areas well known for their excellent school districts. Onslow County is full of amazing educators and schools. We need to preserve our public schools and value and retain our highly qualified staff by paying them a salary that represents their professionalism.

My journey started with advocating for my autistic son. He entered preschool at Thompson Early Childhood Center (an Onslow County public school) through the Exceptional Children program. Our experience there changed the trajectory of my son’s life. I greatly value and admire our educators. I am a public school and disability rights advocate. I will always vote in the best interest of our students and uphold their rights. Supporting our educators and public-school system is inherent to furthering every child’s progress and path to a successful future.

Increase Access to Healthcare

Access to healthcare has been a pressing issue in North Carolina for years. Expansion of Medicaid would lead to coverage for 500,000 to 600,000 more North Carolinians. It would create jobs. Our federal tax dollars feed into this program and without expansion, North Carolina does not receive them in return. Rural hospitals and clinics have closed. It is not just rhetoric to say that people have died without access to healthcare. We hear stories of people who cannot afford and/or are rationing their insulin. It is past time to increase access to healthcare for North Carolinians.

Redistricting - Independent, Fair Voting Districts

Two court cases this year decided that North Carolina’s state and congressional maps were unconstitutional. A few districts were redrawn and yet, eastern North Carolina and Onslow County districts remain nearly unchanged. The City of Jacksonville is still split into two NC House Districts. We need independent, fair districts that more accurately represent the will of the voters.